Bits of {CHRISTMAS} in November

Since I feel as though I could have baby {MARS BAR} any day now . . . which likely will not happen, just {WISHFUL} thinking. I wanted to be prepared and get out the Christmas totes and start decorating the house . . . Plus, who doesn’t {LOVE} an excuse to get out all of the Christmas decor as early as possible!!

We have three {NEW} trees this year, each with a different color scheme, one is a hand-me down tree for our main living room and then the boys each got a tree for their own rooms to collect their ornaments. Chandler choose a white tree and I choose a champagne tree for Marshall. Both grandmas get the kids their own keepsake ornament each year & we make an ornament each year, so Chan already has quite the collection to add to his tree.

I spent a couple hours putting up the main tree when the boys were out of the house & when they came home Chandler said, “Oh Mommy. It’s beautiful!” Yep, so worth it and so happy for the recognition . . . I assume in a soon to be house full of boys this will begin to happen less and less 😉

Chan-Tree Living-Room-Tree Mantle-Decor Mars-Tree