Our Birthday Present {TRADITION}

When I was planning Chandler’s 1st birthday party, I received some of the best advice from another mommy friend. Don’t open gifts at the birthday party! A lot of thoughts went through my head . . . What? Wouldn’t people be upset? That’s outrageous! Can I do that? What would I say? Wait, this is a party that I’m throwing. This is my kid. I can do whatever I want, right? . . . then I evaluated the positives of this {TRADITION} . . . No mad chaos or envy with the other children guests at the party, more time spent actually partying with friends & family, all the gifts and cards would remain intact until we can get them home & properly go through them while making sure to write down every gift and every gift giver to ensure they receive a proper {THANK YOU} card.

I knew that if I was going to start this {TRADITION}, that I had to start it with the 1st birthday party . . . there was no turning back if I allowed gift opening at the 1st birthday party. I made the decision, stuck with it & to this day I am sooooooo {HAPPY} about my decision!

Chandler loves opening his presents! He takes his time & I feel that he fully gets to appreciate each gift instead of being rushed to open the next one. After all, I’m a mom that is constantly looking for opportunities to teach life lessons and I felt bad the one time that I tried to rush Chandler to open his gifts, I felt like I was teaching him that instant gratification is acceptable. Chandler takes {ALL DAY} to open his Christmas presents, literally 8-9 hours & I’m okay with that.

Since his birthday party ended kind of late last night, he got to wake up this morning & open his gifts in his {JAMMIES}. We had a blast! Half way through, Chandler took a break to eat his {BIRTHDAY} waffles & play with some of his new toys. Then, we went back to opening gifts . . .

Presents-1 Presents-2


Vroom! Vroom! {THIRD} Birthday

_CLZ2493 Cake---C.-Linz-Photography-_CLZ2515-2

My baby boy is turning {3} tomorrow! We had his vintage race car themed party today. It was {INCREDIBLY} hot, around 92 degrees, which is especially uncomfortable for this pregnant momma! There was a lot of planning, running around, setting up and cleaning, which I would have never been able to do without all of my wonderful friends and family. Overall, all that mattered was that Chandler had {FUN} & he did! All of his cousins & most of his friends came to play, they swung & climbed on the play-set, raced cars down a car ramp that Daddy made, painted wooden cars & threw bean bags into a tires. It was a great day & we’re all {EXHAUSTED}.

Baby Boy {#1} is Turning {3}

Chandler is in a {HILARIOUS} stage of his life. He makes his mom & dad laugh every single day. Along with hilarity comes {TEARS} . . . this is also an emotional time in his life when he is trying to demand independence and reject {BEDTIME}.

  • Chandler {SPEAKS} very well. He likes to tell {STORIES}, mainly when mom and/or dad are trying to have a conversation with someone else.
  • His favorite toys are his {TRUCKS} and Matchbox cars. Anytime we go somewhere, Chandler cannot wait to get home to play with them. He lines them all up, then moves them, then lines them all up in a different spot.
  • His favorite thing to watch on TV is Vimeo videos of trucks driving through {MUD}.
  • He has a new found {LOVE} of mud, puddle jumping in the rain & making dust in dirt & rocks.
  • He can┬ádrive his battery operated four-wheeler {EXCEPTIONALLY} well and even drives golf carts.
  • His {FAVORITE} books are “Chicka-chicka Boom-boom”, “Little Blue Truck Leads the Way” & “Goodnight Moon”.
  • His {FAVORITE} bedtime story is a story that his Daddy tells him about a four-wheeler that gets stuck in the mud.
  • He makes funny {EXPRESSIONS} all the time . . . I swear that he could have a career as an actor, he even fake cries & then goes to look in the mirror to see if it is {CONVINCING} enough! Really!?!
  • He is just now starting to get {SCARED} by things like the dark, being left alone in a room and strangers.
  • He {LOVES} to go to Starbucks with mommy. Not because of the quality time that we get to spend together but because they have {CAKE POPS}!!

He is anxiously awaiting the arrival of his baby brother, Marshall, although I am not sure if he really {UNDERSTANDS}. He likes to talk about the things that they will do together. He also likes to boss him around by telling him not to {KICK} mommy.

My {CHAN} Man is Turning 2!!

Chandler is turning {TWO} next Sunday and I cannot remember what life was like before him. He brings his dad & I so much joy and laughter. Obviously, there are trying times, but overall, I think he’s a keeper. ­čśë

-He {LOVES} big trucks
-He calls every truck a big truck
-He {DEMANDS} independence
-He {LOVES} the outdoors
-He {LOVES} his family
-He can speak in sentences and uses 3-4┬ásyllable┬áwords, my favorite being delirious ­čśë
-His {FAV} food is pizza, but noodles are a close second
-His {FAV} color is green (totally basing that off of the fact that he says everything is green when you ask him what color it is)
-His {FAV} phrase is “Big truck” followed by “Oh. My. Gosh. . . ┬áBig truck”
-He {LOVES} to make faces on demand, he does a ‘mean’ face, a ‘surprised’ face and a ‘flirty’ face. We are working on a happy & sad face.
-He {LOVES} to make people laugh
-He {ADORES} music
-He is very polite and {LIKES} to address people by their name & if he doesn’t know their name he sometimes makes one up
-He thinks bodily functions are {HILARIOUS} This 15 minute photo shoot required me to make a fake fart noise approximately 128 times in order to get Chandler to smile
-He is ticklish {EVERYWHERE} even under his chin
-His {FAV} toys are all of his trucks and tractors
-He thinks Fireworks are {AWESOME}
-He {LOVES} “Thomas the Choo Choo Train” and requests that we turn it on the TV, but then he only watches it for .2 seconds and leaves the room to play with his ‘big trucks’
-He refers to himself in the 3rd person, but has a hard time pronouncing his name accurately
-He knows what he likes and what he doesn’t like and he will tell you
-He is easy going if you allow him to do his own thing, if you force him to do something {WATCH OUT}
-He {LOVES} for mommy & daddy to read him books and he {LOVES} to point out and name everything that he knows

He is just growing up so fast, I mean, he is a kid now, no longer a baby.

Happy Birthday to my incredible Chan Man!