The Bedtime {STORY}

My husband and I take turns reading bedtime stories to Chandler. One night, my husband didn’t feel like reading, so I suggested that he make up a story by “reading a book from his hands” . . . Chandler ate it up!! My husband’s “4-Wheeler Goes in Mud” story became the {BEST} story that Chandler’s ever heard and his all-time {FAVORITE} story to request at night before bed. Bad news was that I didn’t know the story & even if I tried to re-create it he would tell me that I was doing it wrong & the books that I read from my hands were not acceptable because they did not involve dirt, mud or 4-wheelers.

The other night Nathan read “4-Wheeler Goes in Mud” from his hands for Chandler while I was still in the room. As he was reading it I got the idea to record him, but he had already started. So, the next night, I read a book to Chandler before bed. Then the following night was Nathan’s turn again. Chandler & I begged him to read “4-Wheeler Goes in Mud”. Chandler just wanted to hear the story, but I had an ulterior motive . . . I was going to record it! I recorded it, then got the idea to make it into a video. I drew all of the illustrations in Photoshop using my Wacom® Bamboo Tablet in one evening. Chandler specifically requested that the main character be {PINK}, I made it more of a pink/red. I loaded the illustrations & audio file into iMovie to create the visual book . . . a few hours in iMovie and it was done!

May I present to you my son’s {FAVORITE} bedtime story . . .