Snap{SHOTS} at Home

Chan to Mars Blog  |  A 4 Year Old & his Trucks

Chandler has always been obsessed with trucks & cars. At one point, maybe when he had just turned 2, we lined up every car & truck he had . . . which nearly stretched from one end of our tiny 1,000 sq ft condo, that we were living in at the time, to the other . . . and counted 76 of them. That was 2 years ago!! I have no idea how many vehicles this child now has, but he organizes them, categorizes them, lines them up, drives them up and down ramps, gets them stuck in the couch cushions, and memorizes each and every one that he has.

Chan to Mars Blog  |  Bedtime Stories

When I was pregnant with Marshall, I wondered . . . how will we do bedtime stories for the boys at night if they go to bed at the same time. Do we make them come into our room, do we send one parent in each room & then switch every other night, do we make them go into one or the other’s room? I still don’t know. I guess we’ll figure it out in time. But, for right now, Chandler chooses the reading location of the bedtime stories. Most of the time he prefers to read them in our bed, but this particular night, they were read in Marshall’s room by Daddy.

Chan to Mars Blog  |  Chan & Mars at Home

I’ve already forgotten what we we’re doing this particular morning. But, I believe that it was a rare occasion where Chan woke up before Mars; which meant that Chan & I were able to watch a cartoon together, while I drank my coffee (without a baby hand trying to tear it away from me) in silence. When I brought him down stairs, Chan was so excited to see him & wanted to hold him. Sometimes when Marshall is sleeping I think that Chandler forgets about him . . . because, when he wakes up he seems a little surprised and excited.

Chan to Mars Blog  |  7 Month Old Learning to Crawl

Marshall is scooting backwards all over the house. He just cannot seem to get his knees to cooperate in this crawling business with him. He is always so pleased with himself when he is able to get a hold of an everyday item like this rug. Other favorite everyday items of his are straws, cups, cans, magazines, chairs, hangers, and pretty much anything that he is not supposed to have.