Introducing {THE WHITE BEAR}

We’ve owned our camper, also referred to as a travel trailer, for almost a year. This year, after two camping trips, we finally named our travel trailer. I’d like to introduce you to {The White Bear}

Last year I did a few quick updates to the linens to make it a bit more homie. This year, I added a little temporary vinyl wallpaper, new chalkboard knobs, and some light blocking curtains to the boy’s “bedroom”. I have much bigger plans for this little camper, but they’ll have to wait until next year.

Master Suite - Travel Trailer Camper Update

Our “bedroom” is a cozy queen size bed that is surprisingly comfortable. There is a closet on each side of the bed and cabinets above which allow for plenty of storage . . . more than we’ve ever needed. There is also a privacy screen to close off the master “bedroom”. Last year, Mars slept with us in our bed. This year, we knew that wasn’t going to work, so we struggled to come up with a sleeping situation for the boys. They are too young to sleep together in the same bed, but too old to sleep with us. My husband came up with an idea to separate their bed, which is the dinette set folded down, into 2 separate beds by using mesh bed-rails. Somehow, the bed-rails just fit perfectly and it’s working great. But, this sleeping situation isn’t going to work next year, because their toes are almost touching the ends of their beds. So, the plan is to build bunk beds, which scares the crap out of my husband, but I have confidence that he can do it!

Kids Bed - Travel Trailer Camper Update

The kitchen area has a stove top, an oven, a hood, a refrigerator, a pantry, overhead cabinets, and a sink with two cabinets underneath. It’s just enough for us. So far, our longest trip has been four days & most of the time we do not even began to use all of the storage that this little trailer has available. We do generally fill the kitchen though and kept it stocked throughout the camping season with non-perishable items. For easy to access storage, we have some hooks in the “foyer” to hold the boys jackets & hats and a basket to hold our trail maps. I also added a picture of our family with the words “The Wander Years” on it! Almost everything is hung with command hooks, including the moose head & dreamcatcher in the boy’s area. I drew a different image on each chalkboard knob in the camper. Lastly, the vinyl map of the United States is for us to keep track of where {The White Bear} has been. Three states so far, hoping to add many more throughout the years!

Kitchen & BathDetails

Happy Camping Y’all!


{DIY} Canvas Succulents


This morning I was scrolling through my instagram feed and saw some fantastic succulents in milk glass vases. I’ve been collecting milk glass vases for over a year & I’m always looking for ideas on adorning them. So, I read the caption. It said DIY. Could it be? Could I make my own faux succulents? I was totally inspired by Lucy’s post over at Craftberry Bush for Foam Sheet Succulent Tutorial. I was inspired by the project, but also inspired that she used things that she already had around the house. I too have a material hoarding problem in my craft closet. I knew I didn’t have the foam sheets to make these succulents, but one material that I always hoard is canvas. I elaborated with my own hoarded materials; canvas, left over paint samples, bamboo skewers (I’ve been hoarding a box of 1000, you know, just incase).


I’ve never posted a DIY post before. I do a lot of DIY projects, but I’m more of a fly by the seat of my pants DIYer . . . so, I don’t waste the time to document & plan out steps. I just wing it. If it works, fantastic! If it doesn’t, it gets thrown in the trash. I debated even boring you with my terrible photos of this project, because the original Foam Sheet Succulent Tutorial is so beautifully thought out and photographed.


I followed Lucy’s instructions, but with my hoarded items. A piece of canvas instead of a foam sheet, latex paint samples instead of acrylic Decoart paint.

1) Paint both sides of the canvas with a yellow & green paint mixture. I wish my paint would’ve had a little more variation in it, but the latex paint blended a little too well.

2) Allow to dry . . . or if you’re super impatient like me you’ll start cutting while it’s still tacky.

3) Cut 2 small leaves, 3 medium leaves, 7 large leaves & 7 extra large leaves.

4) Fold the 2 small leaves & hot glue them individually to the top of the skewer. I did this instead of wrapping the stick.

5) Place the 3 medium leaves around the skewer.

6) Place the large leaves around those, making sure to alternate them or place them in bare areas.

7) Place the extra large leaves on top of those, doing the same alternating pattern.

8) Once glued, pull the leaves down to fill out the plant.

DSC_2747 DSC_2744 I’m pleased with how they turned out. Added a little spring to my milk vase collection. Now, if I could just figure out how to DIY some cotton branches I’d be set . . . I love doing DIY projects that cost me absolutely nothing. But, if you are not a craft project hoarder and were to buy the supplies it would cost less than $10.