Hi, thanks for stopping by! I’m a mom of two boys, two crazy energetic boys, and I married my best friend, my high school sweetheart, back in 2007. I cannot imagine doing life with anyone else by my side. I’m just trying to live each day to it’s fullest, while striving to be an amazing, caring wife & a great, understanding mother.

We love to travel & we love to explore! Our oldest son has been across the United States, Canada & Alaska. Since having our second son, we decided to buy a camper so we could continue to travel . . . it’s a little harder to travel with two kids on a plane and a lot more expensive! We love to camp, it’s such an amazing way to see the United States. We try to hit the road as much as possible and we never like to miss out on an adventure. I’m in the memory making business 😉

Besides all of my boys, I love decorating, photography, and design. I go thrift shopping, hit up estate sales, flea markets, and DIY anything and everything . . . all to design and redesign (and then redesign again) my house. My husband works a full time corporate gig and I am a freelance graphic designer, web author, social media manager & product photographer; and, I own a photography business, Crystal Lindsey Photography. Like most of you mommas out there, I stay very busy! I stay home with my boys three days a week & I’m loving every minute of it . . . it’s the perfect balance for me! It’s important for me to be a wife and mother first & a business owner second.

Our oldest son, Chan, is the most wonderful charismatic & funny kid that any mom could ask for, but every mom says that 😉 We really rocked his world when we made him a big brother, but it’s been so much fun for all of us! Our youngest son, Mars, turned 2 at the end of 2015. Mars is, well, Mars is a wild-man. He’s our gross motor one; climbing, jumping, diving, etc. He has such a big, demanding, personality. It’s fun to see both of them grow and evolve.

We are living our adventure! Moon-Man---Chan-to-Mars

Psalm 126:2

To the moon and back . . .



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