It’s not you, it’s {ME}

Chan to Mars Blog | It's Not You, It's Me!Let’s get real here. Text, Facebook messages, Snap Chats, e-mails . . . who can keep up? If your communication addressed to me takes any sort of cognitive effort to respond to, even if it’s minimal, it’s likely that you will not get a response for days, sometimes a week. Don’t worry it’s not you, it’s me! I’m a mom of youngsters, I work part-time for several different jobs one including my own business and as a stay-at-home mom, I try to clean my house and do laundry, I pick up toys everyday, wipe hineys, dry tears, break-up fights preferably before they get physical . . . and any energy that I have left at the end of the day, after the kid’s bedtime, goes to catching up with my husband and a couple TV shows. So, when you don’t hear back from me . . . don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s me! I can’t keep up and I’m not going to pretend like I can. There will be a day when my house is quiet, clean, my dishes are done, my laundry is pristine, my husband & I can go on dates whenever we want, my kids will not need me as much, and I might actually feel like I have some sense of control in a world full of chaos (bonus points to anyone that can tell me what movie that’s from). But, right now I’m living in chaos and trying to love every minute of it. Just savoring and enjoying my children’s childhood! Sure, there are days when the mess and the boys drive me nuts, but those kids bring me more joy than I ever could’ve imagined. People say, “it goes so fast”, “enjoy it while you can”. I’m trying and you should to! Stop making excuses, we understand, we’re right there in the trenches with you.


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