Five in {FIVE} Days!

Everyone says it, every day, but, seriously . . . where has the time gone? My baby will be FIVE in five short days. He’s absolutely ecstatic about it! He cannot wait to grow up, me on the other hand, I can wait.  I mean c’mon, look at those long baby eyelashes and that adorable freckled face. In another five short years it’s all going to be different.DSC_5274Chan-to-Mars---5-Years-Old-Every year he seems to grow leaps and bounds above the last, and this year is no different. He’s learning everyday, not just from school though, he’s very observant and constantly learning from others. I love to teach him because he’s always willing to soak up the knowledge. He just started his last year of preschool and he was so excited. He’s made several friends in our subdivision this year and he loves when we go on bike rides over to their houses to play. He loves to play with his brother, but hates to share. He’ll share with friends, just not his brother! He loves going out to the “farm” and going camping. He loves to eat junk food, so we have to be sneaky about the healthy foods. He loves biscuits & gravy, cheese toasted ravioli, and pizza. He likes sneakers and comfy pants. He likes collecting toys. He likes to play with cars, trucks, remote control cars, and superhero costumes. He loves to drive or ride anything motorized. He’s a surprisingly good driver! He’s still super funny, strong willed, with a phenomenal vocabulary, and an adorable smile.


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