Nighttime {NOTES}

To my boys:

Chandler {CHAN} you’re getting so old. You’re going to be five this summer, {FIVE}! You’ve recently taken an interest in soccer . . . when the weather is warm you could play with me until bedtime. If you’re still interested later this summer, then I think we will sign you up for a fall team. We’re not pushing any sports onto you though, because we feel like it needs to be your choice. Otherwise, you are not going to have any fun and that’s really what it’s all about. Having fun & doing something that you like to do. We’re perfectly content with just playing soccer at home . . .

#52weeks - week 16Academically, you are doing awesome! You have a whole year before you are off to Kindergarten and I’m totally okay with that. I like that you’ll be one of the oldest. I’m hoping that since you are a natural “teacher” that you’ll enjoy being able to help out your classmates. Your preschool teacher said that you gravitate to the children that need more assistance. But, she also said that you’re . . . sneaky! Something that we already knew & have known for quite sometime. In one particular instance, she said that it was clean-up time and everyone was cleaning up the puzzles, when you sat on some of the pieces and just watched your friends look all over for them. I just nodded, and said, “Yeah. He’s been doing stuff like that to his friends since he could walk.” You’ve never really done sneaky stuff at home, just at school. Maybe it’s your own social experiment, I’m not sure. But, your father said that he did stuff like that all the time growing up . . . total Dennis the Menace type stuff. Luckily, your dad knows how to handle it, so I just let him take over in this area.

Marshall {MARS} where do I even start? You’re wild . . . so wild, but we’re all having so much fun watching you grow and explore. You started climbing. You’re a pretty confident climber too! Today you tried to climb the quilt ladder in the family room. You have very little fear. In your mind this is how I imagine things go, “Go down the slide head first, why not! Looks like a good time” You can kick and throw. You are obsessed with sports balls and your big brother. You eat constantly. If you’re not sleeping, you’re eating. You’re a great sleeper. You absolutely {LOVE} being outside, you cannot get enough of it. When you get tired, you start swinging your arms back & forth while walking around the house just looking for things to mess up . . . like tipping over furniture, throwing dirt out of mommy’s plants, or dumping out your sippy cup. Honey badger don’t care!  It’s been a lot of fun for me to have one cautious kid & one dare-devil kid. Definitely more fun than if I had two risk taking children.  1891327_10152860352716553_293699044740026449_o

You started to speak a lot, saying real words and some made up ones. Your brother thinks it is really neat that you two can communicate more. Although, mommy & daddy do not think it’s very “neat” when you two try to yell over one another, which happens at least once a day. You both think that the other is the funniest person you know. Which I think is divine! I really hope that you two have a wonderful relationship growing up.

You both love camping! We recently got back from a trip to Smoky Mountain National Park. The 11 hour drive was a little brutal for mom & dad, but you two did great. I’m so excited about all of the places that we’ll go camping this year and in the years to come.

Sleep tight little ones!


Your Mommy ❤



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