The {PLAY} Hearth Room

Continuing the home tour. . . Once again, keep in mind this is a real home, not staged. When we first looked at our home they had this room staged as a perfectly simple hearth room, containing two small decorative arm chairs & a side table. It was charming. Not practical for us though. We immediately knew that this room would be our playroom . . . at least for the next 5 years. This is a sunken room off of our kitchen, past the laundry room and garage entry. This room has been transformed several times since we moved in 2 years ago, toys have been moved in and out, furniture has been moved in and out and a new kid joined the family and took over part ownership of the playroom 🙂 With the addition of the second child we realized that we were going to need seating in this room to be comfortable while we watched our munchkins play.



My husband and brother-in-law made the bench for me. I found a full size Jenny Lind-ish headboard and footboard at a local Restore with plans to use it in one of the bedrooms, but when I got it home my husband realized that I needed special rails that clip into the headboard & footboard in order to use it as a bed. So, I asked him to cut the footboard in half and make me a bench. He made a platform and we use a crib mattress for the seat. The first 2 years we used it outside in the summers, but I think that it’s found a permanent new spot. Ignore the “sheet” I am waiting to order a real buffalo check crib sheet, but in the meantime I threw this table cloth over it.

MantleMy husband has had the deer mount at his family farm for years, he was thrilled to be able to bring it home! Of course, he had to be dressed as a proper gentleman to be in our hearth room 😉 The gold animals are plastic animal toys that I spray painted for Chan’s 2nd circus themed birthday party. The coasters, designed by me, are available in Knollwood Lane’s Esty shop. The gold covered cedar box was thrifted and an excellent find! The scrabble tile letters are from Little Acorns by Ro’s Etsy Shop. The gold and white scratch map is from Uncommon Goods. The ombre frames are from Target, but I bought them at Goodwill, as well as, the orange clock. The yellow frame is this fabulous thing bought from Amazon & then I spray painted the back side so it’s super glossy. The little tissue paper bowl was made by Chan. The watercolor portrait of our family was a commissioned piece by artist Kiersten Hansen.

DSC_2363The lamp, from Home Goods circa 2012. The wood slice wall art, designed by me, is available in Knollwood Lane’s Etsy shop. The canvas fox silhouette pillow is also Knollwood Lane. The faux cowhide rug is extradinarily soft! I knew I wanted the cowhide look in here, but I didn’t want something real & I especially didn’t want anything expensive. So, I was stoked when I found this on Amazon. The bear and wolf mask are also available on Amazon. The fire, provided by my husband 😉



DSC_2367These crate cubbies have really served us well. I scored all of these for free from my mom’s company’s storage room. I whitewashed them & then hung each crate individually on the wall. Like I said, none of this is staged, I barely even cleaned this room . . . It’s a complete disaster most of the time! The boys are getting better about cleaning up as they go. Or, we are getting better about reminding them and picking up after them! The worn out ottoman from Target circa 2010 also serves as a place for toys, luckily all of those toys are hidden. The artwork on the wall was all provided by Chan. I made the buffalo check curtains from a table cloth that I purchased on Amazon for Chan’s 4th camping themed birthday party. The tree stumps were also left over from that party. The cotton canvas throw blanket was from Knollwood Lane’s Esty Shop circa 2014.

Gallery1DSC_2399Toes provided by Chan! Burlap floor pillows are from Tuesday Morning circa 2012. We all have a lot of fun in here & really enjoy spending time in this room now that it is also adult friendly. It’s the smallest room on our main floor and on cold winter days we all find ourselves crammed in here, enjoying the warmth of the fire.


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