{IF} my husband and I hadn’t agreed!

A funny tidbit of information . . . If my husband and I hadn’t agreed!

You may think that choosing our boys names was easy. That we just heard them on TV & said, “yep, that’s it” . . . but, no, it wasn’t quite like that.

I’d always liked both of their names, before they were ever even born, but I never thought that I’d have a son named Chandler or a son named Marshall. I had super, ridiculously long lists for both boys; which my husband said “NO” to every single name on each list. When he started saying no to my initial lists, then I just started crossing off names that I thought he certainly wouldn’t like, one of them being Chandler. Well, one day we were at a friends house, when I was about 20 weeks pregnant with Chandler. My friends & I were discussing the, at the time, recent divorce of Jesse James & Sandra Bullock, when we looked up an article about, my friend started reading the article aloud and mentioned Jesse’s daughter’s name was Chandler . . . and my husband said, “hm, I kind of like that name”. I, flabbergasted of course that he liked anything remotely close to something that I liked, said, “You do?? That’s it. That’s his name!”. While I was on maternity leave with Chandler I started watching all of the seasons of “How I Met Your Mother”. At the same time my sister-in-law found out she was having a girl and decided to name her daughter Lillian, Lillie for short. I joked with her and said, “Oh! If I have another boy wouldn’t it be funny if I named him Marshall!?!” We both laughed it off, thinking I’d never have another boy (I was a miserable pregnant lady). Then, the time came . . . I was pregnant . . . with another boy! Marshall was the first name on the list followed by Maverick & Sawyer, which my husband promptly shoot down all three. My list grew, and grew, and grew and one after another my husband said, no, no, no! Then, he said, he’d think of some names . . . I waited, waited and waited. 2 weeks. No names had been chosen or discussed. Finally, I said, “look, you have to choose between these names on my list.” I talked each name up and waited for him to make a decision. Three days later, he said, “Um, I guess, Marshall” So, with that being said, we’re just an unintentional comedic sitcom around here . . . which pretty much rings true for our life!

If my initial baby names had won, the boy’s names would be Oliver & Sawyer. Ollie & Saw.

If my husband’s first selected baby names would’ve won out, the boys would be named Connor & Alexander. Con & Xander.


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