52 {WEEKS} of Chan & Mars

I’m starting a new photo project for this year. For the past 2 years I’ve photographed my boys, individually, every day for a full year. Chan’s photo project started on January 1st 2013 on Instagram #365daysofchandler and Mars’ photo project, once again on Instagram, started on January 1st, 2014 with the hashtag #365daysofmarshall

I had a blast documenting my boys individually & I’m so glad to have those memories to look back on . . . now, I just need to figure out how to make a book from Instagram hashtags . . . if anyone has suggestions they are greatly appreciated.

Welp, this year, I’ll be taking on a whole new challenge . . . maybe even more daunting than photographing one person every day for a year. I’ll be photographing my boys together! I could not commit to trying to get them into the same square framed picture every single day, so I am committing to photographing them once a week. I’m actually quite a bit more excited about this project than the past two years. I’ve sometimes struggled for my photographs to show the emotion of the day or the activity. But, now, I’ll be documenting a relationship . . . a relationship that is sure to flourish over the next year. That’s emotion! I think I’ll still struggle a bit, but now I can be more choosy with my photographs since I am not requiring myself to post something each day.

Here’s the first #52weeksofchanandmars photograph to begin the series:

Week 1 of 52 - A photo series of Chan and Mars
Week 1 of 52

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