This is {US}

I’ve been working on a personal photo project the past month, it’s still not done, but I wanted to share it. The goal of this project was to capture {US} and our life within the walls of our home. I wanted to capture our real life . . . not always smiling, chipped finger nail polish, dirty toes & plenty of dirty clothes. I wanted this series to be in black in white, so that there is nothing to distract from the main focus, our lives, our emotions and how we live in our beloved home.

Our lives are busy. The kids change everyday. Our home changes frequently. Since the first photos in this series were taken, one of our kitchen chairs broke, the playroom got re-arranged, we finished painting the family room, and I got a new phone that no longer has to be plugged into an outlet all day. I want to continue to capture us in these moments. I made sure to get in front of the camera, because {MOM} was there too kids . . . I was there, enjoying my children in these minutes of their childhood.

_CLZ5684 _CLZ5860-2 _CLZ5886-2 _CLZ5888 _CLZ5891 _CLZ7609 _CLZ7727 _CLZ8156 _CLZ8453 _CLZ8457 _CLZ8476 _CLZ8480 IMG_0859 Untitled-1


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