Monthly {MARS}

Marshall is {ELEVEN} months old!! Oh man, it’s getting real . . . it’s getting real that I’m going to have a 1 year old soon, a walking, talking, and running 1 year old!

{LIKES} music. car rides, now that he is in his “big boy” carseat. food and lots of it; his favorite food is scrambled eggs. farts, burps & sneezes . . . typical boy! chewing on everything. water bottles. opening & closing doors. climbing the stairs. figuring out how things work. of course, his binkies & his lovey, Elsie. bathtime. being told “NO” or “STOP” . . . it’s apparently HILARIOUS to him.

{DISLIKES} when people eat around him & they do not share, especially when people do not share their drinks. when he is pant-less and has to crawl on the tile floor. when people walk away from him.

{ACCOMPLISHED} standing. 1 step. waving. growing out of most of his hand-me-down clothes. understanding commands, such as “shut the door”, “go upstairs”, “go bye-bye”.



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