Monthly {MARS}

Marshall is {NINE} months old!! Well, technically, 9 months & 10 days old. September has been a crazy month for us . . . two sick boys, 4 fluid filled ears = no fun & late nights! Also, this photo was terribly difficult to get . . . he is far too mobile to be okay with lying on the floor.

{LIKES} saying mama, all the time, anytime he needs anything. his Elsie. chewing on EVERYTHING! eating, specifically feeding himself. playing with big brother. climbing up and down his foam wedges. climbing onto things that he is not supposed to. when people tell him “no” . . . he laughs. signing “no”.

{DISLIKES} being strapped in to his carseat or stroller. when people eat around him & they do not share. brother’s hugs from behind. teething. diaper changes. bath time.

{ACCOMPLISHED} climbing. walking along furniture. two bottom teeth.

Chan to Mars Blog - Mars 9 Months Old


Moccs by Hello Moccs  |  Chalkboard by Knollwood Lane 


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