Chan is {FOUR}

Chan-on-StumpChan to Mars Blog - Chan by Crystal Lindsey Photography _CLZ0277 Chan-Close-UpsChan-Sitting-& What can I say about this beautiful boy?!? The saying, “The days are long, but the years are short” is spot on. Four years ago this {WONDERFUL} little (ahem, 10lb 2oz) baby boy made me a momma & my husband a daddy . . . we went in blindly, and we’re still figuring things out, but man, are we having {FUN}.

Chandler is amazing, simply put! Every mother thinks that of their child and I am no different 😉 Now that he is four, I feel strange writing a blog post about his developments like I have every other year . . . I mean, he is {LEARNING} every day . . . but, I think that we are kind of past the baby milestone phase 😦 let me weep for a moment . . . Okay, I’m better now. So, let me just tell you about this charismatic little man.

Chandler is . . . 

hilarious. The way that he uses phrases, the expressions that he makes, his comedic timing . . . he’s funny. However, what’s not funny is when he wants to do something over and over and over again because he thinks it will be just as funny the 376,823 time. Let me assure you, it’s not. Mad props for trying though 😉

sneaky. You’ve got to keep your eye on him. Today, him & his dad were sharing some of their favorite indulgence, chips, when my husband got up to get a drink, Chandler hid the chips and told his dad that he had eaten them all . . . just so he didn’t have to share them anymore. Really?!?

totally into vehicles. Since before I can remember Chandler has always loved vehicles, more specifically trucks. He collects trucks, watches trucks on TV, reads books about trucks, etc. Recently, he came home speaking of super heroes and I was totally shocked that something may be replacing the truck obsession . . . but, it wasn’t . . . he was only interested in them because he classmates spoke about them; therefore, he wanted to know about them and learn enough to talk to his friends, but he didn’t really want to play with them.

tenacious. Or you could say, stubborn as hell, tenacious just sounds better 😉 He is determined to do what he wants, when he wants and how he wants to do it. Which should serve him well later in life, but right now, it’s a little challenging.

smart. He knows a little bit about {A LOT} of things and he is always curious to learn more. Yesterday we talked about bones and organs and he prided himself on trying to remember the details that we discussed. He said, “Wow, we talked about a lot of things!”

We love you baby boy!


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