Nighttime {NOTES}

To my boys:

Chan to Mars Blog - Chan & Mars playing Chandler {CHAN MAN} you started your second year of pre-school! You have a new classroom, with new “friends”. The other day we let you go to school late & you were really really upset, because that meant that you did not get to play with, in your words, “my real friends” in the multipurpose room before class. That was a rough drop-off for both you & Daddy. Mommy came to visit you at school the day before your 4th birthday, I brought cupcakes and we had a party, you had so much fun. You really impressed me with your kindness to your classmates and your listening abilities while at school. You really do strive in structured environments, and I hope that continues all throughout your eduction!

You are having a lot of fun playing with your brother now that he is mobile, but you are also having a hard time with all of the stuff that he can now get into and the attention that he is getting with each of his new accomplishments. You love crawling around the house with him because it makes him laugh and you love making people laugh!!

Marshall {MARSTONE} you are officially on-the-move . . . which means the whole family is on-the-move keeping up with you. We’ve installed 3 baby gates, put rubber bands around door knobs, locks on cabinets, moved small toys to high locations, rearranged the living room furniture to contain you, and lowered your crib mattress. Like I said, we are really “trying” to keep up with you. You started crawling 2-3 days after you turned 8 months old, within a week of crawling you thought that you could do everything . . . and you pretty much could . . . Now, you are pulling-up to stand then standing without holding onto things, taking steps away from whatever it was that you pulled-up on (not good steps, but steps nonetheless), walking along furniture, climbing up your foam wedges, and walking with mommy & daddy’s hands. Another thing that happened when you turned 8 months old was that you started sleeping through the night . . . consistently, 12 hours every night! That lasted for 2 weeks & then your first tooth started to break through your gums and you had a hard time sleeping, but we’re getting back on track now, and your sleeping 10 hours, but within the next week we hope to be back up to 12 hours of sleep . . . you’re much happier when you get more sleep. Of course, by then, you’ll probably be getting your 2nd tooth & it’ll interrupt your sleep again. That’s just how it goes. C’est la vie.

Sleep tight little ones!


Your Mommy ❤



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