Chandler’s {CAMPING} Party

Chandler’s camping theme party turned out stellar & wonderfully styled! But, you’re just going to have to take my word for it . . . because these are the only photos that I took 😦 One of these days, I am going to have to hire a photographer to come take photos of my parties, because by the time I get them set-up, the guests arrive, I quickly go out of party planner mode & into host mode, then I try to go into photographer mode for at least 10 minutes, but host mode always takes over by getting drinks, taking bags, serving food, etc. So, these pathetic photos are better than none.

4th birthday camping party naked cake


Chandler was having so much fun running around with his cousins & friends, that the only time he sat still for a photograph was when he was waiting for his cake and when he was blowing out his candles. However, since I was in host mode, I was getting the cake ready during one of the photo ops . . . so, the only photos that I got of Chan were of him blowing out his candles.

The important thing though is that everyone had a wonderful time, even though . . . once again . . . it was nearly 100 degrees out!

Chan's 4th Birthday Party


Revisit Chandler’s 3rd birthday party here!


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