9 Reasons Why We {LOVE} to Camp!

Reason #1 – Great sensory play . . . which is an ostentatious way of saying that we let the kids get dirty!

Reason #2 – Time together.

Reason #3 – Fresh air.

Reason #4 – The kids sleep {GREAT} when we’re camping.

Reason #5 – Very little screen time, another pretentious way of saying that we don’t watch TV or play with electronic devices. We generally watch one movie a night & that is solely to encourage Chan to come into the camper and {STOP} playing outside . . . occasionally, he’ll need two movies if he needs some time to cool down (mentally & physically) during the day.

Reason #5 – S’mores. Need I say more?

Reason #6 – Seeing beautiful places fairly cheaply.

Reason #7 – Limited cell service. The e-mails, phone calls & text messages can all wait!

Reason #8 – Campfire pizzas, aaaaannnnddd . . . {BACON}

Reason #9 – Getting away.


Happy Camping Y’all!


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