Nighttime {NOTES}

To my boys:

Things have been kind of loud & crazy around here lately . . . lots of energy on everyone’s part except for Mommy & Daddy who are sleep deprived parent zombies that try to fall asleep while reading bedtime stories. See below that your nicknames have been altered for this edition of nighttime notes and let me tell you, these names are quite appropriate . . .

Nathan's 31st Birthday PartyChandler {CHANIGANS} your shenanigans are at a all-time high, hence the new nickname! You’re constantly keeping your dad & I laughing and sometimes we have to give each other a look like, “Is this really happening?” You’re smart . . . sometimes too smart.

You’ve started fighting with your brother. I had no idea this was going to start so soon! I thought that I had at least a year before that began. You DO NOT want to {SHARE} your toys for fear that Mars will eat them! Occasionally, you will give him one & he will eat it. But, I made a game out of it . . . Marshall is the “mechanic” and he “fixes” all of your trucks for you. You bring the trucks to us, Marshall looks them over, flips them around, chews on the wheels & then hands it back to you (um, ok, throws it) while I do the commentary. You love it & it’s a great way to get you both playing with the same toys at the same time, without fighting.

You’re going through a “I want Daddy and ONLY Daddy!” phase and heaven forbid I try to help you do anything when Daddy is around. You told your grandma, “I’m Daddy’s baby & Marshall is Mommy’s baby. But . . . I’m Mommy’s baby when Daddy’s not here.” Daddy is required, ahem, demanded to put you to bed every night.

Marshall {MARSUPIAL} you love being attached to mommy’s hip! You’re personality is really starting to show . . . and in Daddy’s words, “you like danger”. You like when your brother growls in your face, rolls you around on the floor, and when Daddy throws you up in the air. You’ve started walking in you walker over to cabinet doors and opening them, so I had to do some quick baby proofing with rubber bands. You’re so close to crawling too! You’ve started a slight version of an army crawl; when you are on a hard surface you can scoot yourself around well enough to get whatever toy you’re trying to get . . . then, once you’ve spent all your {MIGHT} trying to get that toy & your brother rips it out of your hand you are completely devastated! Don’t worry, Mommy & Daddy have had a talk with Chan about it. We explained to him that you just want to feel the toys and that you wont play with them long, he then began to share them with you because then it was like a little game to see how long one particular toy would hold your attention.

You’re still not sleeping through the night! You had us fooled when you were 2 months old and you slept a solid 8 hours for 5 days straight. Then, you hit a monster of a growth spurt & you haven’t slept longer then 6 hours at a time since. Every night, I think, maybe this is the night . . . the night that I will get a solid 8 hours of sleep. I know the time is coming soon . . . we will push through and rejoice when the day comes.

Sleep tight little ones!


Your Mommy ❤



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