Guess what we did for the 4th of July holiday . . . we went camping . . . yep, again! We got invited to spend the weekend at a wonderful farm in the middle of nowhere, which was positively {PERFECT}.





There were so many kids to play with; they spent most of their time getting Gator & 4-wheeler rides from adults and driving themselves around in Power Wheel Jeeps . . . they were literally on-the-go the whole weekend. The dads had a blast putting on a firework show for all of us & it was really {MAGNIFICENT}. Our hosts could not have been anymore hospitable! It was just a nice, quiet . . . with the exception of the fireworks . . . weekend.

Although, I should mention that on Saturday night, Chan Man crashed and burned a little bit after jumping on a bed, he feel off & hit his head . . . yes, just like the little monkeys. He hit his forehead on the corner of the coffee table & it is the 1st time that I’ve ever seen my baby boy bleed . . . urgghh, I was a hot mess! Luckily, everyone besides me was calm & we ended up not having to make a trip to the hospital. Less than 20 minutes after the incident, Chandler was back to his normal self.


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