Have Camper {WILL} Travel

We have some friends, best friends, that travel for a living . . . cool, right?!? They’ve lived in {NUMEROUS} states in the midwest and east coast over the past 4 years. They only times that we’ve seen them in these 4 years is when they come home & have a break away from their families long enough to visit us. Well, since we bought a camper, we decided, why wait on them to come home? We’ll go to them! We coordinated, loaded everything up in our truck and camper and made the 6 hour trip . . . Oh, did I forget to mention we bought a {CAMPER} . . .  we are so excited to be traveling and making family memories! I did a little sprucing up in our camper with some linens I had around the house, stole from my mom’s house & bought at estate sales, but plan to do more . . . I’ll write a blog post all about it when it’s done!

Chan-to-Mars-Blog---In-Camper-FunChan-to-Mars-Blog---Marshall-Chan-to-Mars---Geese-on-Rock-Cut-Lake Chan-to-Mars-Blog---Chandler-at-Rock-Cut-LakeMy boys are definitely made for the traveling, camping lifestyle. They love our camper and they love the fresh air and adventures even more! The weekend that worked best to meet up with our friends just so happened to be my {BIRTHDAY} weekend. We had a lot of indulgences; s’mores, brownies, chocolate cake, cinnamon rolls and doughnuts around the campfire. . . hey, you only turn 29 once!

Happy Camping Y’all!


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