Dimples, Flower Crown, Vintage {BABY} Carriage & Baby Kisses


I had planned on getting family photos {EVERY} 3 months during the first year of Marshall’s life, but life got busy & I never scheduled anything for his 3 month photos, I just took some individual shoots of him myself. Then, I got sad when I realized how much he’d changed since our family photos that we took when he was a newborn . . . I knew I definitely needed to schedule something when he turned 6 months. So, I e-mailed another photog friend, Katie Pace Photography, to get on her books, we ended up trading family sessions with one-another & it worked out {SPLENDID}!

Marshall was not happy & did not crack a smile until the end of the session when I got him naked, ha! Chandler did an awesome job . . . considering that he doesn’t let me take a photographs of him anymore. that could have something to do with the fruit snacks that I bribed him with 😉

I cannot wait to print these and clutter my walls with all of these {YUMMY} goodness!!


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