Monthly {MARS}

Marshall is {SIX} months old!! He is getting crazy mobile & coordinated! Diaper changes and getting dressed have gotten more difficult with his escape tactics. The doorway jumper is getting a workout & he slaps everything & everyone.

{LIKES} being at home. feeding himself. watching his brother . . . likely studying his motions and trying to figure them out. playing. all of his toys, especially the ones that make noise and the ones that he can easily chew on. his family. snuggling. chewing on his teething toys. sleeping in mommy & daddy’s bed. his binkie. going on walks. mommy carrying him in the ring sling. trying to drink out of a sippy cup.

{DISLIKES} when mommy leaves the room. tummy time. being cold. getting strapped into his carseat. dirty diapers.

{ACCOMPLISHED} unsupported sitting. eating solids. drinking from a sippy cup (with help) and a straw.

Chan to Mars blog - Mars 6 month old


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