Campers have {S’MORES} Fun!

Our very {FIRST} family camping trip was a success! Chandler had a blast & stayed filthily the entire time . . . Camping is {DIRTY} and boys {LOVE} dirt. Marshall loved that he got to take all of his naps snuggled with mommy in his ring sling or wrap while we were hiking and exploring caves. My cousin & her family met us at the camp grounds a day after we arrived & the boys had so much fun just running around playing games, throwing dirt, swimming in the river, throwing rocks, riding bikes & cooking s’mores.

It took me 4 days of packing to get ready for our trip, which was only an hour and half away from home, and I still forgot stuff. It was a great “trial run” though & I think we’re definitely ready to be a {CAMPING} family, just out on the road making memories!



Happy Camping Y’all!


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