Nighttime {NOTES}

To my boys:

I have {A LOT} less ‘down-time’ these days. We have a lot of changes in the past four months, new baby, me staying home all day, everyday, and now I’m going back to work part-time. We’ve had a lot of adjustment periods and this is going to be another one of them.

Chandler {CHAN MAN} you’re getting so mature, so fast. You’ve starting taken interest in getting yourself dressed, because like most 3 years olds you want to do {EVERYTHING} all by yourself. Your birthday is still several months away, but you’ve already decided that you want to have a {CAMPING} themed party which I am super stoked to deliver on for you! Your 4th birthday . . . WOW . . . four years sure does go by quick and I didn’t really realize how old you were until your baby brother came into our lives. You’re imagination has really grown a lot in the past month. You tell a lot of stories, make up stories with your toys & you are awesome at it . . . you narrative is really impressive! I love to see your imagination blossom, I think that you may take in interest in writing when you’re older.

10174808_10152102719396553_1641583257_nMarshall {MARS BAR} you are {TOTALLY} a momma’s boy right now! However, you quite like your dad & your GeeGee too. GeeGee says that you throw fits for her while I’m working & then she feels like you smirk at her when I finally come to “save you”, ha! You have been waking up once a night again, I just don’t think that you are getting enough to eat before bed since you stop your binge drinking phase (when you nursed for 2 hours before bed every night), so you wake up about 4-5 hours after I put you to bed to eat. You still do not nap during the day, every once in awhile you will make an exception & take a 2-3 hour nap, but it’s pretty rare. You {LOVE} to be held, rocked & talked to . . . you definitely let us know when we are not doing one of these things for you by turning bright red and belting out a massive baby cry! However, you’ve started to chuckle and it is so {DARN} cute; I am still waiting for a full giggle!

Sleep tight little ones!


Your Mommy ❤



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