Ditching the {SAFETY} Net

Big {CHANGES} for me & my family are about to take place . . . I’m finally ditching the corporate {SAFETY} net to pursue a part-time job & spend more time with my boys!

When I was 17, I got lucky & fell into the financial industry with a string of great jobs, then landed a job at a large investment firm where I worked for 8 years, 8 YEARS, while completing my bachelor’s degree. I spent 11 years working for others & 7 years of having my own photography company {ON THE SIDE}. I love photography, but I like working for others because being a business owner is a lot of pressure & stress; however the corporate world is, well, BORING!!!

1977183_10152086169576553_1502537910_nI knew that having a second child was going to change our world for the better . . . and I was right, I finally have the opportunity to work part-time, {DITCH} the corporate world and pursue a {FUN} job at Knollwood Lane . . . a job where I get to be creative while still using all of my acquired skills and work for one of the greatest bosses! My new boss & I just “get” each other and work great together. It’s amazing how people come into your life and shake things up for you! I really think that everything happens for a reason, had I not worked at my corporate gig, I would have never had this opportunity.

This year is going to be busy . . . it’s going to be a big change for me and my husband. I cannot wait to be able to spend more time with my boys & not have to enroll Marshall in a daycare center. I feel as though I am getting the best of both worlds. Being a full-time mom is super {SUPER} hard! Being a working mom is super {SUPER} hard! However, I think that a blend of both will be good for me & my family. I’ll still get to work and have some time to be {ME} and create, but not work so much that I do not get to really enjoy my life and children. They’re only going to be little once, I have the rest of my life to work! I am so grateful for this opportunity.


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