Marshall in {MOTION}

There are certain things that you forget about your baby as they grow into toddlers and then pre-schoolers. Such as; how cute spit bubbles are . . . because you better {BELIEVE} if your pre-schooler starts blowing spit bubbles it is not cute and they will get in trouble (mine did today) or how mesmerized they are by their hands, ceiling fans and kicking their legs. Such sweet memories that I loved to look back on.

I don’t have many videos of Mars and the ones that I have of Chan are pretty poor quality. While I was taking a few quick 3 month photos of Marshall, he was being very quiet and I was able to take some time to shoot video as well. Mad props to videographers because this sh%t is hard! I hope and plan to get better at taking videos and take them more frequently. In the meantime, enjoy!

Baby Discoveries from C. Linz Photography on Vimeo.


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