Monthly {MARS}

Marshall is {THREE} months old!! He is growing like a weed. I’ve already had to pack up his 3 month clothes and get out his 6 month clothes . . . so bittersweet 😦

{LIKES} being outside. being rocked. his binkie. people talking to him & talking to people. being warm. chewing on fists. diaper changes. car rides. swinging. walks. tummy time. white noise. bedtime. playing, especially with his blue meshy elephant. baths. ceiling fans. standing up.

{DISLIKES} being cold, meaning anything below 80 degrees. dirty diapers. sun in his face. tummy time for too long. being swaddled with his arms in. naps. getting strapped into his carseat. tummy aches. hiccups.

{ACCOMPLISHED} grasping. chewing. trying to reach for toys.



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