Nighttime {NOTES}

To my boys:

1380545_10152051393636553_1516985141_nChandler {CHAN MAN} you seem soooo old now that your baby brother is here. Sometimes, I forget that you’re only {THREE} . . . and that I need to let you be {THREE}! Wild, crazy, young and {THREE}. Your new super handsome hair style doesn’t help either . . . I mean, c’mon, you aged like 2 years in less than 10 minutes when all your shaggy curly ‘baby’ hair got chopped off!

A few things have been going on in your life this month . . . This week you started going to pre-school only three days a week, so you get to spend more time with mommy & Marshall. We all have a little cabin fever due to this frigid winter, so anytime the temperatures get above 40 degrees we go outside & play. I strongly believe that little boys {NEED} to go outside everyday! You got a new “big boy” bed tonight & you are so excited about it. Mommy is excited to finally get your room pieced together, we’ve re-arranged it 4 to 5 times in the past year due to your transitioning out of your crib. You started swimming lessons last week & you absolutely loved it! You were not nervous of the water at all & you were definitely the most {ENTHUSIASTIC} kid in the class.

Marshall {MARS BAR} you re so loved! You could not have been a better addition to our family . . . I cannot even remember what it was like without you here. We definitely have some rough days, but overall, you’re an {AWESOME} baby. You’ve been sleeping through the night for over a month, which surprised and thrilled all of us. You are growing so fast. I cannot believe that you’re going to be {THREE} months old next week. You are without a doubt a momma’s boy & I’m trying to soak in every minute of it because I know that you will be my last baby. My friends told me that I would {SPOIL} you . . . I didn’t believe them . . . but, they were right. You and your brother are so stinking cute together. You {LOVE} to watch him, listen to him & smile at him, but you do not like that he is always trying to open up your hands and kiss them or poke your face when you’ve just dosed off to sleep; you’ve given him some dirty looks for that unwanted behavior.

Sleep tight little ones!


Your Mommy ❤



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