Monthly {MARS}

Marshall is {TWO} months old already! He now has a bedtime and is starting to schedule naps. I let my babies make their own schedules and he is still trying to figure his out. I’m just super stoked about the bedtime!!! He goes to bed at 10 & wakes for his first feeding 3:15 or 5:15 (true story, it’s always 15 minutes past an hour and never 4:15, ha). Then wakes up for another feeding around 7:00 ish.

{LIKES} bedtime. being swaddled. looking at people. being talked to. being carried. being kissed. skin to skin contact. being warm. baths. looking at lights. white noise. car and stroller rides. diaper changes. being naked.

{DISLIKES} getting dressed. waiting to be fed. the baby swing. being cold. being burped. interruptions while eating. nursing with a cover over his head. having gas. spitting up with acid reflux.

{ACCOMPLISHED} sleeping in his own room. cooing. gurgling. nursing without a shield, well, occasionally. rolling from tummy to back several times, likely unintentional, but it still happened.



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