Nighttime {NOTES}

To my boys:

Chandler {CHAN MAN} I want to tell you 21 things that I {LOVE} about you. I love:

  1. Your beautiful eyes
  2. The way you speak
  3. The love that you show to your baby brother
  4. Your passion . . . it already shows and I cannot wait to see it develop even more as you grow up
  5. Your cleanliness, well, most of the time
  6. Your willingness to help others
  7. When you say, “I love you”
  8. When you tell mom & dad to have “sweet dreams” before bed
  9. Your dimples
  10. How you make faces in the mirror
  11. Your admiration for your father
  12. Your smile
  13. That you are a sound sleeper
  14. How you memorize books and then “read” them to me
  15. Your excitement when you get home from school
  16. How you line up all your cars and trucks, because they all have their appropriate place
  17. Your excitement when you get a new car or truck
  18. Listening & watching you play
  19. Your love for the outdoors
  20. The freckle on the bottom of your foot
  21. The way that you use the English word for mad and you tell me that your friends at school were cross

Marshall {MARS BAR} I want to tell you 21 things that I {LOVE} about you. I love:

  1. Your cooing
  2. Your adorable smile
  3. The way that you look me right in the eyes
  4. The way you sleep
  5. Your baby lips
  6. Your gurgling
  7. Teaching you new things
  8. Watching you grow
  9. The way you look at your brother
  10. The way that you make your dad question is ability to parent you since you prefer mommy
  11. Your adorable little toes
  12. Watching you explore your surroundings
  13. Making you happy
  14. To feed you
  15. Taking a bath with you and letting you float in the water, it makes you happy & it soothes you
  16. Letting you sleep on my chest
  17. When you take a nap during the day and I get a few things done around the house
  18. That your existence is bringing out more compassionate qualities in your big brother
  19. How you raise your eyebrows when people are talking to you
  20. How you made our family complete
  21. That when you are hungry, your cry sounds like “maaaom”

Sleep tight little ones!


Your Mommy ❤



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