The Curse, Blessing & {STRESS} of the Internet

If you read this tweet, you’re probably wondering what’s going on. Don’t mind me, I’m currently a hot {MESS} and worried about doing everything SHOC . . . what is SHOC you ask? It’s the acronym that I’ve given to my current obsession: Simple. Homeopathic. Organic. Clean. And I’m not going to lie, it is stressing me the f**k out!! I’m taking little steps at a time, but every little step that I take I find more research that says that I’m not doing {ENOUGH}.

  • I decide to breastfeed because formula is processed and has GMOs, then I read that there are toxins from my body leaking into my breast milk and poisoning my baby.
  • I get rid of crib bumpers to prevent SIDS, then I read that the flame retardant toxins from my baby’s mattress could create a harmful and poisonous gas which the baby could inhale.
  • I make sure that no one smokes around my children, but now I have to make sure that they are not exposed to 3rd hand smoke, so I ask people to take off their jackets, change their shirt or wear a shirt of mine.
  • I buy organic food, then I find out that grocery store organic food isn’t always necessarily organic and that you should buy from local organic farms . . . so that means that I cannot eat fruits or veggies in the winter!?! Also, organic foods still contain GMOs, huh!?!
  • I’ve switched to organic toothpaste, organic lip balm & lip stick, organic deodorant, but that’s not {ENOUGH} now is it, because I’m being poisoned by my make-up, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. Not to mention that those toxins are likely leaking into my breast milk as well, right?

Is everything in our environment poisoning us, slowly killing us off? What the h*ll is a concerned mom to do these days? It is not safe for me mentally to be constantly worried about this stuff, constantly researching the internet. . . I’m stressed beyond what a normal new mom should be. I mean, c’mon I survived! My mom smoked, I slept on my stomach, I didn’t ride in a carseat after the age of 1, I was vaccinated (although not nearly as much as the CDC proposes today . . . don’t even get me started on that stressful topic), I slept on a waterbed, I ate tons of processed foods with artificial dyes and sweeteners, I’m sure that I played with BPA toys, plus drank and ate from BPA containers.

I try to remind myself that every little step that I take is better than no steps at all . . . but I cannot help but worry and think that I am not doing {ENOUGH}. I love my family so much & I just want to protect them. I want everyone to be safe, healthy & happy! I know that I’m responsible for my own happiness & that I need to quit reading stuff on the internet. I just want to be informed. I want to live a SHOC lifestyle, but I don’t want to be so stressed that I am not enjoying life. I am doing the best that I can & that is all that I can do!


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