Let’s Be {REAL}

Chandler hasn’t been to school in 19 days . . . 19 days, that’s {NEARLY} a month! He was supposed to go back to school on Monday, but we got a stupid amount of snow with temperatures in the negatives; therefore, school is {CANCELLED}. I was really planning on Chandler being at school for his benefit & to maintain my mental stability. I have a newborn, I barely get any sleep, my toddler doesn’t nap during the day . . . that means I’m generally exhausted, on edge and I do not have the energy to entertain an active and most of the time overly tired three year old boy! I’m trying, I really am! I cannot leave the boys in the same room with one another unattended, my house is a disaster & I haven’t been able to do any house work between nursing, pumping and trying to entertain a toddler while keeping him active without being able to go outside. Can you say {STIR CRAZY}! I have some serious cabin fever right now & I cannot wait until we are able to get out of the house. I knew having a newborn in the middle of the coldest winter that we’ve had in decades was going to be hard, but I wasn’t planning on being {SNOWED} in!

I love being with both of my boys . . . they’re such a {BLESSING}, but Chandler is definitely one of those kids that requires structure. Do you know how hard it is to create structure at home when you’re still trying to figure out your new baby!?! I know you’ve all done it. I’m doing everything that I can to keep both boys fed & happy, which is surprisingly harder than it sounds. I just cannot wait until school opens back up so we can all reap the {BENEFIT} of a little more structure & routine in our lives.

In order to beat the winter blues, we took some time today for a quick little photo shot. This photo shot actually happened without any tears from either boy . . . an amazing achievement!

_CLZ5687 _CLZ5700 _CLZ5703 _CLZ5706-2


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