My One and {ONLY}

To my love,

I don’t tell you enough how {AMAZING} you are, you’re my perfect match & a wonderful father. Time definitely flies when you’re having fun . . . 13 years . . . 13 wonderful years with you! I couldn’t have dreamed for a better person to spend my life with, to grow up with, and to raise a family with. I know that it is easy to take each other for granted, but my goal in the future is to try and stop, breath and realize how much you do for me and the boys. We honestly couldn’t make it without you . . . I couldn’t make it without you, you’re my rock. You hold me together, you just get me, I don’t have to explain myself to you, you know what I’m thinking, you can finish my sentences and make sense out of my cryptic (I cannot talk because I’m too tired) sentences, you know when I’ve had too much & you know when to push me further.


The time with our boys will go by fast as well . . . I cannot believe that Chandler is already 3! In the blink of an eye both boys will be in high school, then graduating & going off to college. There are things that I never want to forget from this stage in our lives, such as; I love how you check to see if the boys have fevers by kissing their foreheads. I love that you can {GENERALLY} handle our 3 years old attitude & tantrums with ease. I love that you have the patience to deal with a toddler that doesn’t want to go to sleep till midnight . . . because I definitely do not! I love that you read to the boys, that you play trucks, that you give hugs & kisses and tell the boys that you love them {EVERYDAY}! I’m so proud that they have you as a father; I hope that they learn many lessons from you and grow up to be just like you . . . a great husband and an awesome father!

Your loving wife!


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