The {MASTER} Suite

One of my main requests, of my husband (besides the completion of the baby nursery) pre-baby Mars’ arrival, was to complete the master bedroom! When we moved in it was a plain room . . . nothing spectacular & no character, but it did have a lovely bay window, new carpet & a completely remodeled master bathroom complete with a soaking tub, double sinks & built in shelves. However, everything was beige . . . beige, beige, beige!

The first project that we ever completed in the bedroom was to create a headboard. My husband was walking around Lowes one night, we did that a lot when we first moved in (almost a year ago) and found four bi-fold paneled doors on clearance for $1 a piece. He brought them home & said, “what can you do with these?” I had to think about it for awhile & we finally decided to create a headboard with the doors. The headboard gave it a much needed lift . . . but I had dreams of built-in shelves . . . with tons of storage, wood floors & beautifully adorned bay windows. I felt bad ripping out brand new carpet, but carpet is such a pain when everyone in the family has allergies, the hardwood is much easier to clean and maintain and looks so much nicer! I wanted it classic and clean but at the same time cozy.

The room is not completely done just yet, but it is done enough for baby boy to arrive! The hubby still has to fix the hardware on the cabinet doors, add crown molding to headboard and built-in, I need to get a small desk to go in the bay windows . . . I’m thinking this teal desk from Target will work just fine and then I need to hang these moon prints (the frames have been ordered and I am impatiently waiting).



Please excuse the iPhone photos. I didn’t feel like getting out my “big girl” camera and creating panoramics . . . my phone makes it so much easier!


5 thoughts on “The {MASTER} Suite

  1. You should be an interior decorator on top of your photography career!! You are extremely talented girl!!! It all looks amazing!


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