What I Pack for the Hospital . . . A {PHOTOGRAPHERS} List

My “What to Pack” list is probably much different than most mom’s lists when they are preparing for the birth of their newborn because mine includes photography equipment and photo props.

I am having a c-section, which means that I get to spend a total of 5 days at the hospital . . . when you have a toddler at home this is a much needed {RETREAT}. I am going to need every bit of these 5 days to get acquainted with baby Mars and {RECOVER} as much as possible before my attention will be pulled into three different directions. I left the hospital a day early when I had Chan, because I was anxious to get home & get into the swing of things . . . but those things are {MUCH} different this time around. Not only do I already have a son at home, but I have a 2-story house now . . . when you have a c-section you are not allowed to use stairs for 2 weeks post op. Ummm, my bed is upstairs & the food is downstairs . . . that is a problem!  I’ve been getting some tips from other mommies on how to work around this, but it still makes me nervous! Also, my husband has switched jobs since our first son was born and he does not have as much time off of work, he will likely be at work the day that Mars and I come home from the hospital.

Therefore, during my 5 day hospital {RETREAT} I am going to try to get as much done as possible with taking photos, creating birth announcements and ordering Christmas cards, because I fear that I will have very little time to do so when I get home. So my packing list, with the exception of the normal essentials for baby Mars & I, looks a little something like this:

  • Camera bag with both camera & lenses
  • Macbook & charger
  • iPhone
  • iPhone charger
  • Blue & yellow patterned blanket
  • Yellow wrap
  • Blue afghan
  • Blue crotched hat
  • White swaddle wrap
  • Sweater pant & hat set
  • Coordinating blanket backdrop
  • Large white blanket
  • Possibly bring navy cable knit blanket & grey blanket
  • Small space heater

Honestly! The nurses are going to think that I am moving in. Thank goodness they have carts so my husband can {EASILY} haul all of this stuff up to our room, ha! Hopefully, I will feel well enough to get some of these photo ideas accomplished.

I am so excited for Chan to visit while I’m in the hospital & I am going to miss him soooo soooo much while I am in the hospital. I’m going to miss tucking him in, reading him his nighttime book & the sweet things that he says to me before going to bed.


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