Nighttime {NOTES}

To my boys:

Chandler {CHAN MAN} you’re amazing! Last Sunday, we took you out to the family farm & mommy drove you around in Daddy’s Tahoe through the woods, fields & creeks. On the way back up the farm road you were staring at me & I couldn’t help but smile and I look back at you. You said, “I’m just looking at you!” and I asked, “Why? Why are you looking at me?” and you said, “because . . . you’re pretty!” . If you keep this up then you’re going to make an {AMAZING} husband, just like your daddy! On the other hand, you need to learn to stay in your bed! On Sunday, Monday & Tuesday you didn’t go to bed before 11:00 PM . . . you climbed out of your bed 10+ times between the hours of 7:30-11:00. Most of the time you say you have to go potty, sometimes you just come in to our bedroom to tell us stories, Tuesday night you went downstairs to try and get something to drink twice until daddy stopped you . . . we were all so tired. Then, Wednesday you and mommy had a couple talks about how unsafe it is for you to get out of your bed and by some miracle it {WORKED} and you stayed in your bed & feel asleep prior to 8:30 PM. You’re a much happier boy when you are well rested!

Chan to Mars - Maternity photo by C. Linz Photography

Marshall {MARS BAR} you are now head down, but you have yet to drop, which means that I’m rarely hungry & I feel like I’m having the wind knocked out of me when I lie down making it very hard to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. Last weekend, my stomach {GROWLED} around 11:00 p.m. because I hadn’t eaten since lunch and you jumped . . . it’s probably the first time that you’ve ever heard that noise, it’s very rare this pregnancy that I’ve gone more than 3 hours without eating. I’m having a hard time sleeping, getting comfortable and I’ve been worrying a lot . . . worrying about things that I was so {GRATEFUL} I never had to worry about ever again after your brother was born, but now all of the worries I had when I was pregnant with Chandler have re-surfaced. I just want you to be a happy & healthy baby boy & I cannot wait until you’re here so I can stop worrying as much as I am now. I’ll always worry about you and your brother, but at least when you are here I feel more in control of my worrying!

Sleep tight little ones!


Your Mommy ❤



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