Happy {HAPPY} Halloween

We {LOVE} Halloween around here! I love it because of the weather, the fun decorations, the costumes, the pumpkins & the overall fun of the holiday. Chan loves it because of the {CANDY}. I really really try to limit my son’s intake of processed sweets and unnecessary sugars like candy, popsicles, cupcakes, fruit snacks, etc. Which can be hard with so many grandparents around . . . But, on Halloween night I just have to let it all go . . . it is what it is & I do not want to be that mom that takes away from the spirit of the holiday. I tend to cringe with every piece of candy Chandler eats, but it’s only {ONE} night . . . one {MAGICAL} night in this boy’s life!


For his first Halloween, he was only 2 months old, he was a skeleton at the pumpkin patch and a dinosaur on Halloween night. His second Halloween we dressed him as Harry Potter, I’m the {NERD} of the family that choose this costume and then for his third Halloween he was a very convincing and adorable pirate . . . one of my favs! This year is the {FIRST} year that Chandler has chosen his own costume  and he choose to be a “Race Car” also known as a race car driver.

Chan to Mars - Halloween by C. Linz Photography


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