Absence & Surge of {MOTIVATION}

One of the most frustrating things about pregnancy is the {ABSENCE} of motivation! I do not remember this being so frustrating during my first pregnancy, but that is likely because I was not spending all of my “downtime” trying to keep up with a three year old boy. Last week was a {SURGE} week . . . I had so much motivation & I accomplished so much. Housework was completed, lunches made, photo sessions edited, on top of tasks at work & kept up with Chan, it felt great! However, after being away from the house yesterday for ten hours, the longest that I’ve been away from the house . . . ahem, my bed in months, I feel like I have no drive to do anything today. I cleaned out a piece of furniture in our living room which I plan to store baby things in and I felt as though I needed to take a nap! Resting is definitely {GOOD} for me and the baby, so I must oblige and allow my husband to pick up the slack . . . I bet he cannot wait until this baby is born 😉 Six more weeks and we will have sweet baby Mars in our arms and become a family of four!

We still have some remodeling to finish before we bring Mars home from the hospital, because we do not expect to be able to finish it once he’s here. Hopefully my husband can finish laying hardwood floor in our bedroom and Chandler’s room, build a built-in shelving unit in the master bedroom, make book ledges for Marshall’s room and finish decorating the master bedroom because I’m sure we’ll be spending quite a bit of time in there once the baby is born.

In the meantime, I will continue to grow, I will deal with the lack of motivation & hope for the surges of motivation, pray for a safe delivery & a healthy baby boy, try to keep up with Chan and housework as much as possible, while getting a lot of rest & drinking a lot of water. The good news is that the humid midwest summer is over and I am much more comfortable. . . as long as I have a nice {COMFY} place to sit!

Chan to Mars - Maternity Photo by C. Linz Photography


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