Nighttime {NOTES}

To my boys:

1378132_10151765408931553_1984317379_nChandler {CHAN MAN} the time is getting closer . . . you’re going to be a big brother! I cannot wait to spend these next 2 months with you as my only child, but I’m also very {ANXIOUS} for you to experience having a sibling since it is something that I never had. Your father was the middle of 4 children, so I am going to rely on him a lot to help me understand the “sibling” relationship that you and your brother will have. I think that you’re going to be an {AMAZING} brother! I will try my best to split my attention & make sure you do not feel left out while mommy is tending to your little brother, but I am definitely going to need your help.

Marshall {MARS BAR} you’ve started the {QUAKEY} leg. The {QUAKEY} leg is when you rapidly shake your leg out as your trying to stretch. It’s a strange thing that apparently you boys like to do inside of my belly, likely because you do not have enough room . . . Chandler did it about once a day for the last 8-10 weeks and I had no idea what it was until he was born & I saw him doing it while he was stretching. You also started getting the hiccups this week and much like your brother you do not {LIKE} them . . . they make you wiggle. I will be going to the doctor once every 2 weeks now since it is now “crunch” time. You are now head down, but you have yet to “drop”. I am trying to get as much rest as possible and I am preparing for your arrival by making lists, packing bags & keeping my calendar as clear as possible . . . just in case you decide to come before your scheduled date.

Sleep tight little ones!


Your Mommy ❤



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