“Soon, it’ll all just be a {MEMORY}”

Memory-Defined One of the last things that my grandma said to me & my husband was, “soon, it’ll all just be a memory.” Sweet memories. Memories of happiness. Memories of love and joy. Memories of the only grandma that I have ever really known. My mother’s mom passed when she was only twelve from ovarian cancer, so I never had the pleasure of meeting her. My father’s mother passed when I was a teenager, but I never had the opportunity to spend much time with her to ever get to know her. Therefore, when I met my husband’s grandmother at the age of 15 she became {MY} grandma. I explained to her years later that her and grandpa were the only grandparents that I ever really knew & how special they were to me. I think that really touched her heart . . . she knew how special having a grandparent is and she took me in as her own!

Grandma passed away last night . . . even after putting it in writing it still doesn’t seem real. It happened so quick. I’m heartbroken. I’m heartbroken that Chandler likely will not remember the times that he spent with her & that Marshall will never get to meet her. When we went to visit her on Friday she was able to feel Marshall, he didn’t kick her, he just pushed on her hand for a good 2 minutes. I will cherish that moment & share it with Marshall when he is older. Chandler was so lucky to have had a relationship with his Great Grandma & he loves her so much! I know that she will always be here watching over the boys and the boys couldn’t ask for a better guardian angel.

IMG_2224 IMG_7776


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