3rd Birthday {FALL} Fête

So, I have this friend and when our babies (my oldest & her youngest) were turning {ONE} we discovered that we both shared a {LOVE} of party styling . . . not necessarily the planning part, but we love to {STYLE}. We helped each other to plan & style our little one’s 1st birthday parties and since then, we have planned and styled ever single party together; which includes 8-10 kid birthday parties and 3-4 adult parties. Our babies (now 3) are only a couple of weeks apart, so we our busy in August & September! We had originally planned to have an Apple Picking & Picnic party for her daughter, but our local venues just didn’t work out for us . . . so, my friend decided to push her daughter’s party back a couple of weeks and have a Fall Fête at the pumpkin patch! Um, yes!! I {LOVE} fall, I {LOVE} pumpkin patches . . . let’s do this!

Chan to Mars Blog - Fall Fete at Pumpkin Patch

Chan to Mars Blog - Pumpkin Patch Party

Chan to Mars Blog - At a pumpkin patch party


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