Sicky {ICKY}

Poor Chandler got Croup this weekend. This poor kid always seems to catch the {REALLY} “good stuff” . . .  we’re talking HFM (Hand, foot & mouth), strep throat & now Croup. He does get the common cold occasionally, but the past three times that he’s been sick it been much more serious. I probably should’ve known something was wrong on Saturday morning when he was trying to fall asleep at Starbucks, which is one of his favorite Saturday morning activities . . . we order sweet treats, coffee & milk, and read books. But, it wasn’t until he took his nap on Sunday that I heard the “croup” cough . . . as soon as I heard that {BARKING} cough I knew right away what we were dealing with & headed to the Urgent Care as soon as he woke up.

Chan to Mars Blog - Chandler's Sick

The only good thing about him being sick is that I get to stay home with him, take naps & love on him all day long. We set-up his pack-n-play in our room and we’ve been having a sleepover for the past couple of days just to make sure I am there when he needs me. He’s sleeping, but it’s not “good” sleep, so he’s pretty tired & irritable throughout the day. He’s feeling much better today; we got to get out of the house & do our grocery shopping. This boy is a trooper & he’ll be better in no time.


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