Nighttime {NOTES}

To my boys:

Chan to Mars Blog - Mommy & Chandler at Niagara FallsChandler {CHAN MAN} I want to thank you for being such an understanding & compassionate toddler. You’ve been so understanding about mommy needing to get plenty of rest and not being able to play as much as I used to. Your Daddy is definitely helping to make this transition in our lives an easy one. I think that you’ve learned a lot from your Daddy about patience in the past couple of months especially when Mommy has evenings when I cannot get out of bed. Your current obsession is watching videos on Vimeo. I’ve put some videos on Vimeo with you in them & you love to watch them on TV & my phone. You still {LOVE} watching your favorite “mud truck” videos & asked to watch them nearly everyday. Your other favorite things are still playing with your trucks & cars, playing board games with Mom & Dad, and driving your dune racer & four-wheeler outside. Mommy & Daddy appreciate that you’ve been helping out around the house by setting the table before dinner & cleaning up your toys in the living room before bedtime.

Marshall {MARS BAR} the doctor says that you look great & he officially scheduled your birthday. Whether or not you’ll be born on that day is up to you! Your brother was calm & comfy and had no desire to come into the world on his own. But, I have a completely different feeling about you . . . I have a feeling that we are working on your terms . . . at least I know I have for the past 6.5 months. Either way, we will definitely meet you soon! Everyone in our house is {PREPARING} for your arrival. Daddy is trying to finish the remodel of the upstairs before you arrive. Chandler is trying to mentally prepare for your arrival by asking questions about you, hugging you, occasionally poking you and talking about you. Last night Chandler said, “I want my Marshall” and hugged my belly. I think that you two are going to have a wonderful relationship! I have been on an on-line shopping spree (shhhh . . . don’t tell Daddy) to make sure you have everything that you’ll need and all the {ADORABLE} things that I want you to have.

Sleep tight little ones!


Your Mommy ❤



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