Nighttime {NOTES}

To my boys:

Chandler {CHAN MAN} we just spent a week on vacation in Canada at Niagara Falls. It was your {FIRST} international vacation. It just so happens that the time that we planned the vacation your three year molars decided to come in . . . making your mouth sore, you crabby, irritable and just overall nasty feeling. You stayed awake till wee hours of the morning and took long naps during the day, which meant that mommy barely got any sleep! Your teeth are still pushing through, but you are much happier now. Some of your favorite activities from our vacation was watching the cars, trucks and people from our 14 story hotel room, going up in the ferris wheel, jumping over things on the sidewalk while holding mommy & Gee Gee’s hands, playing with your cars & trucks in the hotel room, wearing gloves while walking through a mirror maze, running around barefoot and rolling down the hill in the park in front of the American falls with your Gee Gee, feeding the birds while we were eating outside, and splashing in the fountains at Dundas Sq in Toronto. I {LOVE} taking you to experience new places & things. You enjoyed the vacation, but your were really excited to get home to your toys, your daddy & your own bed.

Chan to Mars Blog - Marshall 4D Ultrasound

Marshall {MARS BAR} we went to the doctor today to check on your progress. You do not like to cooperate during ultrasounds, you like to wiggle, kick & flip all around, but we were able to get one photo of your {SWEET} little face. It was so great to see you! You resemble your brother quite a bit. Mommy is 26 weeks pregnant and you weigh approximately 2 lbs 9 oz. You’re measuring almost 2 weeks ahead of schedule, which means that you’ll probably be a big boy just like your brother was. Mommy is having a hard time finding energy to do much of anything, I assume that your using the majority of it up with all of the acrobatics your preforming, which also tends to keep me up at night. It won’t be too long now until we get to meet you, your birthday is schedule for December 12th, so you’ll be here just in time to spend the holidays with family.

Sleep tight little ones!


Your mommy ❤



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