Pre-baby {HOLIDAY}

We had already taken our family vacation for the year, in May, because I didn’t know how’d I’d be feeling later in my pregnancy. Well, I haven’t been feeling the best. I tire easily, I’m swollen and just overall uncomfortable . . . but, when my mom told me that she wanted to all go on vacation again before the baby arrives I couldn’t pass it up! I {LOVE} to travel & I love traveling with Chandler and allowing him to experience this {WONDERFUL} world.

We had to choose a place that didn’t require us to do much walking, had a hotel room with all of the amenities because we’d likely be spending most of our time in our room with the exception of doing one activity per day & overall a place that was {RELAXING}! We chose to go see “Water Mountains” (in Chandler’s words) in Canada.

Niagara Falls - View from Sheraton at the Falls

Getting here was no easy task. My husband wasn’t able to come because of work, so it ended up just being my mom, Chandler & myself (with Marshall in tow). I’ve traveled several times with Chandler as a “lap child” on the plane, so I thought this time would be easier with him having his own seat. It would’ve been if we were not on some of the tiniest passenger planes that I’ve ever seen! Also, we had a quick connection to catch as soon as our first plane landed. Now, when I say tiny, I mean tiny . . . on our second flight from Cleveland to Buffalo we were in the twelfth row, so I was thinking that we’d be somewhere in the middle of the plane, ummm, {NO} . . . we were in the last row! The first plane from St. Louis to Cleveland was so tight that I couldn’t even fit Chandler’s carseat through the aisles, so I had to try to lift it above my head while carrying 2-3 other carry-on bags while pregnant, while trying to keep an eye on Chandler . . . {DISASTER}. Luckily, a nice man (a father of three, so he understood) came from the back of the plane to help me out by carrying the carseat to my seat, he also helped me to get the carseat off of the plane when we landed. Needless to say I gate-checked that b$%#h on our second flight!! Once the flights were over everything went pretty smooth except that we were all tired, hungry & getting on each other’s nerves . . . a norm for traveling with my family . . . don’t let us get hungry, we get {CRAZY}!

We were relieved when we were finally on Canadian soil and on our way to get something to eat!

Shoes on street

Chandler was so excited to finally get to wear his fuzzy-lined mocs that I bought in late spring. Yes, Chandler put on his own shoes on the wrong feet & no, I didn’t notice till after dinner. Such a great memory of his childhood & my parenthood!


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