Completely Quotable!

Kids say the {FUNNIEST} things, especially during these toddler years! Now, I’m not the mom that keeps a baby book, I neglected to document certain things . . . like {FIRST} tooth (I think it was around 10 months), {FIRST} steps (but I do have a video at 13 months), {FIRST} words and sentences (maybe around 18 months), assuming at the time that I’d always remember. I mean, who could forget their {SPECIAL} little boy’s milestones that meant so much at the time that they happened? Me, that’s who & I haven’t even had the second one yet! Since I am a photographer, I just assumed that I would take photos of each milestone & document them that way. But, there a some things that you cannot take photos of . . . like all of the {FUNNY} things that this boy was saying & talking about. I have to remember these stories & the little quotes!

So, when I came across Paper Coterie’s Quotable Book on Pinterest, I knew that I {HAD} to have it! Luckily, I had just taken some adorable new photos of Chan to use in the book so it as up-to-date as possible. The colors are gorgeous & the book is the perfect size (not too big, not too small) for keeping on hand when those perfect little {QUOTES} roll out of this {FUNNY} little boy’s mouth. I find a good spot in the book to write the quote & then date it with the month & the year so I can always remember! I plan on being able to write in it for years to capture plenty of memories.




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