Nighttime {NOTES}

600700_10151511836666553_2072438175_nTo my boys:

Chandler {CHAN MAN} you’re 3 now! Such a big boy with such a strong mind. Mommy & Daddy are going to have a challenging year trying to find a balance between disciplining you and allowing you to become the person that you are going to be. We want you to be a kind, respectful & confident young man and we are definitely finding out that this parenting thing isn’t easy! How do we achieve that? How do we find the balance? How can we understand you & what’s going through your mind? I try to reflect back & remember what it was like to be a child . . . I know that it is scary & frustrating at times, but childhood really is great & magical and I want to make sure that you see that magic! I love seeing the joy in your eyes when you experience new things. Overall, I just love having you around, I love listening to your stories and watching the faces that you make when you’re explaining something to me. Mommy & Daddy love you with all our hearts! You’re beautiful, thoughtful, funny, smart, sweet & I cannot imagine going a day without you being my son. We are all growing together & learning from each other on a daily basis. You make me a more understanding & loving person and there’s no doubt about it that you make me a more patient person and for that I thank you!

Marshall, {MARS BAR} my little wild one! We have yet to meet you but we already love you and I feel like I already kind of know you. Your brother talks to you, talks about you, rubs mommy’s belly for you & disciplines you already, so be prepared! You love when mommy is up & walking around . . . you’re extra squirmy when I am laying or sitting. You move much more than your brother ever did, you kick harder, you flip around much more and you make your own schedule. I definitely believe that this behavior is an indication of your personality! I think you are in the process of growing lots of hair, just like your brother, because Mommy has unbelievable heart burn. You are getting bigger each week and soon you’ll be ready to come out and meet your family! Take your time little one, we are anxious to meet you, but we want you to be a happy & healthy baby! Mommy will deal with the waddling , the heart burn, the discomfort & pains until you are ready. I’m so excited to find out what color your hair is, what color are your eyes, if you will have dimples & how your personality will complete our little family.

Sleep tight little ones!

Your Mommy ❤


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