Vroom! Vroom! {THIRD} Birthday

_CLZ2493 Cake---C.-Linz-Photography-_CLZ2515-2

My baby boy is turning {3} tomorrow! We had his vintage race car themed party today. It was {INCREDIBLY} hot, around 92 degrees, which is especially uncomfortable for this pregnant momma! There was a lot of planning, running around, setting up and cleaning, which I would have never been able to do without all of my wonderful friends and family. Overall, all that mattered was that Chandler had {FUN} & he did! All of his cousins & most of his friends came to play, they swung & climbed on the play-set, raced cars down a car ramp that Daddy made, painted wooden cars & threw bean bags into a tires. It was a great day & we’re all {EXHAUSTED}.


4 thoughts on “Vroom! Vroom! {THIRD} Birthday

  1. Brooke and Brynne had fun! We got home and Brynne had her car (that she painted) and said ” I love this” 🙂 THanks for the fun day! Now you can relax!!!!


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